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Since 1992, Siloam Missionary Homes has provided¬†“a place for missionaries to call home,” located on 33 acres in a gated village in Snow Camp, North Carolina.

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larry_smChallenge to Action

From the President, Larry George

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milton-betty-smMissionary Pastoral Care

Milton & Betty Wilder

Why Do We Need Missionaries? Part 2

Pray for Our SMH Missionaries & Family


One of our missionary couples has requested prayer concerning a great need in the Central African Republic. The violence of war there has created “a humanitarian crisis on an epic scale.” The UN estimates that by the end of January 2014, 50 percent of the population will face the threat of hunger, now nearing 25 percent. The unavailability of grocery stores, looting of food supplies and people prevented from safely planting their gardens have forced the Central Africans to eat the seeds saved for planting next year. Pray for resources and solutions for the Christians and general populace in CAR.

David and Connie’s prayer requests:

  • Praise for the re-dedication of the Sitio Boata church in Brazil on September 22.
  • Pray for Rodrigo and Leorne, two promising young men in that church, who need God’s wisdom for difficult relationships.
  • Praise for our safe arrival in the United States in September.
  • Pray for our home assignment ministries, supporters and new contacts.

Milton and Betty ask prayer for wisdom, understanding and ability to fulfill responsibilities in Missionary Pastoral Care.