Dad’s Country Store

Dad’s Country Store is a food pantry for the missionary families living at Siloam. Any food or paper products that are donated to Siloam are put on the shelves in the store for the missionary families. The missionary families do not pay for these items, but are free to use them as needed. There is a refrigerator and freezer in the store for fresh and frozen items as well.

Below is a list of items currently needed in our store. (updated 4/5/17)

      Cereal (children’s & adults)
      Mayonnaise and Miracle Whip
      Jelly (Strawberry)
      Peanut Butter – Both Creamy & Crunchy
      Canned Chicken
      Salad Dressings: Italian, Ranch, Thousand Island
      Canned Tuna
      Canned Tomatoes
      Tomato Sauce
      Chili Beans (canned)
      Taco Seasoning
      Chocolate Chips
      Pancake or Biscuit Mix
      Muffin Mix
      Children’s Snacks
      BBQ Sauce
      Coffee – Regular and Decaf
      Paper Products: Toilet Tissue, Paper Towels, Napkins, Kleenex
          Cleaning Products: Dishwasher Detergent, Dish Soap, Furniture Polish, Bathroom Cleaners

*** Please note: We do NOT need any canned peas or corn or green beans

*** Please call ahead If you would like to donate refrigerated or frozen items such as:
Eggs, Meat, Cheese, or Milk.