Worship Through Service

Many times when I speak to people, I express my desire to walk as closely to the Lord as possible. I do try to apply Eph.6:18 at all times. “Praying always with all prayer and supplication.” Actually, that’s what brought me to this place in life. The Lord makes it clear in the Word that we are to worship Him. If we don’t, He’ll make the rocks cry out. But what else? Thankfully, for us as believers who have trusted in Christ as Savior, we can rest assured that we have everlasting life. So our salvation is not based on works. If you are like me, I love the Lord. He has done so much for me in all aspects. That motivates me to do as much for Him as possible. That He might use me in whatever way He can. I want to be a willing vessel. He has blessed each one of us with different gifts and talents. Would it not be wasteful and/or slothful to cast those gifts to the side with the thought of saying “I” don’t have the time, or “I” am too tired, or using some other excuse that seems to be so easy for us to find. There is so much for us to do in the service to which the Lord has called us to, “ Go ye therefore.” I had a professor who said, “Your talk talks and your walk walks, but does your talk walk?” I’d like to say, “Your service serves and your worship worships, but does your service worship?” How about let’s stop talking about going down to Siloam and helping and actually come on down! Come worship the Lord with us, using the skills and talents the Lord has given to you.  

(James 1:22- “But be ye do of the word and not hearers only,”)

Mike D Rich, Director 

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