Too Clean to Tell

Did you know that Larry and I host a weekly radio program called “A Place Missionaries Call Home?” On the program, we have the wonderful privilege of talking to missionaries about their lives and what God is doing around the world in missions.

Recently, we were able to talk to the Goddards, third generation missionaries in Paraguay. They were explaining to us how the tribal people in South America have begun to realize that the Great Commission is not just for them to receive – but it is their responsibility to “go and tell others,” too.  Not long ago, some of these “tribal missionaries” went to a village to share the Gospel with them. The villagers were reluctant to accept their witness. After some time, they discovered that the villagers were offended by how the missionaries smelled – clean from daily baths, shampoo and soap. You see, the villagers did not bathe regularly and the clean smell bothered them. So, in order to win them to Christ, the tribal missionaries decided to give up their daily baths. And now, the villagers have accepted them. Like the Apostle Paul, they gave up their “rights” in order to win some.

To hear more missionary stories, go to our web site at to listen any time. Or you can listen live at 12:00 noon on Saturdays on We hope these missionary testimonies will challenge you and let you know what God is doing around the world.

Thank you for your faithful support to Siloam Missionary Homes. Without your generous gifts, we would not be able to give missionaries a place to call home. I pray that God will touch more hearts to partner with us in this incredible ministry to missionary families.

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