Stop & Pray

This morning as I was reading my Bible I came across a quote from Oswald Chambers that I would like to share.

“We have not the remotest conception of what is done 

by our prayers, nor have we the right to try and 

examine and understand it; all we know is that 

Jesus Christ laid all stress on prayer.”

“I do nothing of myself; 

but as my Father hath taught me.”

John 8:28


Just a few weeks ago I stood on top of a mountain in a remote village of believers in Northern Thailand. Their life seemed so simple, yet their faith was so strong. The pastor of this small village made lunch for us and as he prayed through an interpreter, he thanked God for the food and for our visit. Never was there a mention of needs but only of thankfulness. As James Neves, the missionary I traveled to Thailand with, and I walked around the village, we discussed plans about their need for a machine to take the shells off of coffee beans. Throughout the conversation, the people shared their thankfulness to God.

As we were heading towards the car and saying our goodbyes, I noticed a lady’s hand-stitched purse and told her how beautiful it was. She said it took her 70 hours to make the purse. As I was walking away, the interpreter told me that the lady wanted to give it to me. I was embarrassed because I only wanted to complement the lady, and didn’t mean for her to think I was asking for it. The interpreter went on to say that this lady would be offended if I       didn’t take it. She didn’t want or expect anything in return.  As I was riding the 2-1/2 hours down the mountain, I was thinking about this woman who had so little – yet it filled her with joy to give what she had. This humble experience helped me realize that we have the Lord Jesus who gave all He had and is so willing to help us and our needs.

This scripture reminds me once again of the Lord’s desire for us to come to Him in prayer and to seek Him for the big things as well as the small things in life.

I pray that today you will be a blessing to those around you.

To God be the Glory,



Anniversary House Update

Income to Date:  $ 92,819.49

Spent to Date:    $ 84,869.54

Money on hand: $ 7,949.95


Shell was build by Universal Forest Products and installed by Wakeshma Community Church, Athens Michigan

HVAC Estimate: $8,888.60

Electrical Fixtures furnished by King Electric $ -0-

Electrical wiring estimate  $ 6,218.00

Insulation   $ 4,014.00

Drywall Materials $ 5,555.89

Kitchen Cabinets donated by David Bortz

Interior doors donated by Kevin Langely

French doors and some windows donated by Kevin Langely

Concrete sidewalks and garage floor $ TBD

Vinyl siding       $ TBD

Landscaping     $ TBD

I like the quote I heard a few weeks ago.

“We wait-God Works”

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