Siloam’s Treasure Chest

“The Lord will open to you His treasure.” Deut. 28:12

We are excited about the new addition to Siloam Missionary Homes. As good servants to what the Lord has given each of us, we want to provide beautiful clothing for our missionary families. We want our families to walk into this store and have it look like a department store. Siloam Missionary Homes strives towards Christ honoring excellence and we look at this store the same way we look at the housing God has provided. These are God’s treasures and we want to honor Him. So, we would like the clothing you donate to be the same as what you would take to a consignment shop.

We do issue tax receipts for the items that you donate. There will be a clipboard in the drop off area so you can take one with you when you go.

We are also looking for volunteers to help us keep our Treasure Chest neat and in order by clothing types and sizes. So, if you would like to help out with that, contact us, and we will set you up.

So, we are using the following as guidelines for you to follow. When you bring clothing or shoes to Siloam, ask yourself the following questions. If you answer “yes” to these questions, we would love to have them.

  1. Are the clothes I am bringing something that I would wear for my friends to see?
  2. Are they in style with today’s fashions?
  3. Am I able to take them off the hanger and wear them right now?

Please use these guidelines when thinking about donating items to Siloam’s Treasure Chest.

  1. All clothing must be washed and checked to make sure they are in like new or slightly used condition. No buttons missing, no stains, tears, holes, etc.
  2. All clothing, including slacks, must be on hangers, and clearly marked with sizes. Jeans may be folded.
  3. All suits, including ladies’ and men’s, must be dry-cleaned. Make sure you check these even after they have been dry-cleaned to make sure they do not have an odor. If the suits are more than a couple of years old, or outdated colors or styles, please give them to another charity.
  4. Please do not call us to pick up clothing. We encourage you to bring these items to us here at Siloam. We would love to see you, give you a tour and show you what God has done here. The Treasure Chest is located in the Rev. Stanley Building, on the left as you come onto the Siloam property. There is a door marked “Receiving.” Please open the door to the sorting room and hang your items on the racks.
  5. Shoes: We request that all shoes be either new or in like new condition. If they are scuffed, dirty or worn, please donate them to another charity.
  6. Appliances
    • Because of insurance fire regulations, we cannot take appliances more than five years old.
    • Appliances are white or stainless steel.
    • Must be in perfect working order. They must be clean and in like new condition.
  7. Microwaves – we use built-in microwaves, so do not accept counter top units.
  8. TV’s – We have a need for 32” TV’s, but do not take floor models. We would like to have flat screen TV’s in the homes to save room and for the missionary’s enjoyment.
  9. Computers – We only take laptop computers and give them to our staff and missionary families.
  10. Books – see Milton Wilder
  11. Other furniture – please call for more information.

Thank you for your continued involvement to make Siloam Missionary Homes the wonderful place missionaries call home. We look forward to God’s treasures so our missionaries will look their best as they present our Lord in your churches.

For more information, please call the office at 336-376-8200 or you can e-mail us at