News From Siloam


Dear Friends of Siloam,


    Greetings, in the wonderful name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


     We praise the Lord for a great mission trip to Brazil.  Joyce and I, along with Pastor Kevin and his son Kendal and friend Dalton from Riverside Baptist Church, went with us. Joyce grew up there as a missionary kid, so it was going home for her. Even though we have not visited Brazil in eight years, her Portuguese came back rather quickly. While there, she broke a tooth and had to go to a dentist. She remembered what it was like as a child and really did not know what to expect. However, she was pleasantly surprised to see how modern the office was. We had a wonderful time with John and Rebecca Hawkins, missionaries in Manaus. It was good to visit the mission school where Joyce attended grade school and high school. Back here in the states Mike worked diligently as director of the day to day operations. I appreciated so much friends and board members working together. This made our trip much more enjoyable.


    It is hard to believe that school has started. Many of the missionary families have been getting their children settled in school or have started home schooling. Mike and Abbey have been adjusting to school for Macie. She is attending Burlington Christian this year and is going all day. This has been harder on her momma then on Macie.


    Milton and Betty Wilder, our associate missionaries, have moved in. It is good to have Pastor Milton meeting with the men in the mornings for prayer. Betty is spending time this week with her sisters.


    Henry Hagood keeps the yards and the homes looking great. He even talked his wife, Linda, into coming and help paint. We do thank the Lord for all the workers here, their dedication to Siloam Missionary Homes and the missionary families. Please continue to pray that we can be an encouragement to all the missionary families.


    I would like to express our heart felt thanks for your sacrificial support to Siloam Missionary Homes. We realize the economy is tight and daily seek the Lord for his provision. Thank you too for praying for us.


    May the Lord continue to bless each you  as we serve the Lord together through missionary housing.


Because of Christ,

Larry George


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