Missionary Care Means We Need Each Other

One facet of our Missionary Care at Siloam involves continuing the practice that Larry and Joyce George began years ago — planning a monthly Missionary Fellowship night. It’s important for missionaries to get together because they can minister to each other, since they have a mutual understanding of their experiences. We have observed how often God arranges for certain families to be here at the same time because they need one another. We enjoy cookouts, ice cream socials, pot lucks, etc., plan varied activities and “programs” that are fun, devotional and more serious. For our May 2019 Fellowship, after a meal of spaghetti, salad and dessert, we enjoyed an excellent presentation by a Ministry Ambassador from In Touch Ministries in Atlanta. She shared information with the missionary families about a series of electronic devices, “tools” they can use on their mission field at no cost to them. In addition to giving printed materials, she also gave each family a Messenger filled with recorded Scripture and Bible study resources spoken both in English and another language that the missionaries chose to aid in making Christ known.

Missionary Care is Much More Than Financial Support
Missionary Care is a broad field and goes far beyond sending support money. In the book, *Missionary Care, Kenneth Williams reminds us of an important aspect of the biblical basis of missionary care. Not only was the Apostle Paul a great example of what a missionary should be, but also an example of how a missionary needs the care of fellow believers. Paul mentions at least 75 people who ministered to him in some way as he fulfilled the commission of Christ Jesus. That should be on our hearts as a constant reminder that we, in the Body of Christ, need each other and especially do we need to uphold those who deal with “the complexities of missionary life.” (*O’Donnell, Kelly, ed. Pasadena, CA: William Carey Library, 1992, 3rd Printing, 1999, pp. 46-47.)

We have the privilege of upholding our missionaries in prayer as we learn of their needs. We also must be sensitive to other ways that we can enable them to be “Refreshed, Renewed” and “Sent” back to their mission location to continue the work Jesus Christ called them to do.

Please pray for God to give us His wisdom and guidance as we minister to the missionaries, staff and volunteers at Siloam to help make it “a place for missionaries to call home.”

  1. H. Milton & Betty H. Wilder

Missionary Pastoral Care  

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