“Joy To The World”

Recently I have been thinking about the word “joy.” What do you think of when you see that word? Does it mean “happiness” to you? or “satisfaction?”

When I think of happiness, I realize that comes from my circumstances, what is going on around me. Is it good, or is it bad? Because of that, my “happiness” can come and go easily depending on whether things are going the way I want them to.

Satisfaction comes from doing a job well, or seeing something that I finished. This is good, too, but it is not always a feeling that lasts longer than the moment.

Joy, however, is something that is based entirely on Someone else in my life. No, not my husband, or my children or grandchildren – although they are my very favorite people! Joy is based on my relationship on Jesus and what He has done for me. There is a deep joy in walking with Him every day. The wonderful thing is that “happiness” and “satisfaction” come and go, but JOY is a constant, because Jesus is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. And He is the same regardless of the circumstances that I find myself  in.

As you walk through this Christmas season, let yourself sing the song “Joy to the world…”, realizing that Jesus has given us all that we need to feel joyful in our hearts. And share that JOY with others as you wish them a Merry Christmas!

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