From the “Killing Field” to the “Mission Field”

This week, Joyce and I had the wonderful opportunity to visit with Scott and Naran Hollinger, missionaries with Trans World Radio (TWR) in Cary, N.C. It was our first visit to TWR and it was exciting to see how they are taking the gospel around the world.

Trips like these help remind us of the importance of Siloam Missionary Homes and of the tremendous need to provide homes for missionaries. God has a reason for all things and uses different circumstances to bring people together to reach the world for Him. When a missionary family arrives here, we never know what they have gone through. The reason for our visit to TWR was to get to know the Hollinger’s for this week’s radio show.

Scott met Naran in Guam, where he was serving as a single missionary with TWR. She had come to Guam with her sister, both of them having been from the “killing fields” of┬áCambodia. During this week’s radio show, the Hollingers will share how God took two single people from two totally different walks of life and brought them together to serve as missionaries. I must say this was a true eye-opener for me! I need to pray more that ever, that God will raise up more missionaries to share the gospel. Naran told us that she had never heard about Jesus or about the Bible until she left Cambodia. A missionary in Guam shared the Gospel with her and that is how she came to Christ.

It broke my heart to hear her talk about the lack of the Gospel throughout the world and it reminded me of the millions of souls that die every day without ever even hearing the name of “Jesus!” We must not delay in sending forth missionaries.

This is a program that we pray will challenge every believer to reach the world for Jesus Christ. You will not want to miss it – Saturday at 3:30 p.m.

Larry George, President

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