Encouraged by the Hand of God

There is no better place to be than in the hands of our heavenly Father doing the work He has called us to do. But if we are honest with ourselves, even the best of God’s servants get discouraged and we are no different. We have been laboring intensely this summer on the Anniversary House along with work teams and other volunteers, but we had reached a point where we needed contractors to do some of the specialty work we were not equipped to do. We’ve spent several hours making phone calls and scheduling contractors to complete some of that work and then last Thursday we realized we had spent all of the allocated money for the project. It was like a wet blanket had been thrown over a tiny flame and we wondered what we should do. In thinking about our human reaction to this situation, my mind was called back to the stories shared by George Muller regarding his work with orphans. At one point in time he had a great need and he recorded this in his journal:

“I was rather cast down last evening and this morning about the matter, questioning whether I ought to be engaged in this way, and was led to ask the Lord to give me some further encouragement.”

That is exactly where we were at as a staff. But George Muller’s next words describe the next few days for us as well, “Soon after we were sent…” We had one of those “soon after” moments ourselves. Here’s the whole story.

The Lord has blessed us with several vehicle donations in the last several months and just last week we were able to meet the needs of one of the missionaries here at Siloam by giving him one of the donated cars. That was on Wednesday. On Thursday we realized we needed to move forward on the house but had exhausted the current funds. But, the Lord had already burdened the heart of a dear saint who mailed a check at the end of last week and it arrived on Monday. Not only was it a check, it was a significant check, one that will allow us to get several of the specialty projects completed and get us very close to finishing the house. Needless to say, we greatly rejoiced as a staff for God’s miraculous provision. Less than 24 hours later the next contractor on the list called and said his schedule opened up and he could start the next stage that day rather than waiting nearly two more weeks to begin.

Was any of this a coincidence? Not to our God! He was preparing all of these circumstances for just the right time so that we might experience His faithfulness and increase our faith in Him. George Muller wrote this about his motive for prayer:

“I desire that all the children of God, who may read these details, may thereby be led to increased and more simple confidence in God for everything which they may need under any circumstances, and that these many answers to prayer may encourage them to pray.”

And this is our prayer as well. As God’s children are moved to be a part of our ministry, we want to share with you what God has done so that you, too, may increase in your faith and trust Him to meet your needs. To God be the glory!

In His Service,


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  1. The congregation here in Irons, Michigan will continue to love and support you in all you do .

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