Summer at Siloam

Well, the summer has come to a close. The summer groups were great, with many projects completed. The Barber Shop has been started and is nearly complete. The foundation around the Wreck Center and exercise room has been completed and landscaped with stacked stone. The Treasure Chest is almost complete with the remodeling and hanging drywall on the ceiling “still needs to be finished if you have time.” The donated double wide for Camp Glory Farm has been set, but there is a lot to do on that. (Call with questions, PLEASE!) One yurt platform has been completed and has a Yurt is in place on it. There are just a few more things to do on that, and it will be ready to use. Sidewalks and waterproofing have been completed behind the Isley House (unit E) to prevent further water damage to the foundation. Permanent electrical has been completed to Dads Country Store, Chapel, and Wreck Center. And the exterior of the 929 property has been painted and restored along with the storage building that is there.

Needless to say, it has been a fairly exciting summer, and it looks like it will continue through the fall and winter. I would be lying to say it is not tiring with all of the projects, construction, grounds and building upkeep, traveling and everything else that ministry here requires, and believe me when I say it is difficult to not fall over with exhaustion. I think that I can speak for all of us when I say that. But with all of that said, Abbey and I and our three wonderful children had the fabulous opportunity to travel to Michigan and Indiana a few weeks ago. We were blessed to visit churches and speak on several occasions sharing with them how good and wonderful God truly is. These were churches that have been to SMH working on projects and a number of other things over the years. We also had an opportunity to visit friends and family while we were there. I think the most exciting thing of the trip was that every individual and church that we visited, shared with us the memories, games, and work that they had been a part of. But what blessed me more than anything is that every one of them had spiritual blessing that they received while here – through the quiet time, devotions, and prayer time. Spiritual renewal is always exciting, far more exciting than anything else that could ever take place.

Like I said earlier, I would be lying to say we don’t get weary. I think about Galatians 6:9, “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.” God knows when we are getting weary. Through the testimonies that I heard while traveling, I have been encouraged and energized so that I wouldn’t feel weary. God knew exactly who to place in our paths and gave them the words to say that would encourage us. Isn’t it wonderful to serve Him! He knows what we need when we need it. I would like to close by saying thank you all for you acts of labor of love toward Siloam and all of the staff, volunteers, and those that have lived here over the years. Don’t be weary or faint. This side of Glory you may never know the impact that you have had, but I can say as for me, You have been a blessing. Thank you for your dedication to our Savior and your giving heart. Keep up the great work that He will be glorified.

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Off to a Fast Start!

The last article that I put in the newsletter was praises and overviews of last year. Well, this year is off to a fast start. We have already had several groups out this year starting a lot of new projects. It has been exciting to see the activity around the campus here at SMH, even more exciting to have so many wonderful people desiring to participate. I pray that it continues – there is so much to do. Really, anything that anyone would like to do – there is to be done.

We have been working on getting one of the houses remodeled and ready for the next family to move in May 13th. “It always seems as though it is the 11th hour upon completion” Praise the Lord, He is providing! I enjoy times that I can get alone and work, it seems as though it becomes a sweet time for me to spend with the Lord. As I was reflecting and working, I was thinking about my dear uncle whom we called “Rich”. Last weekend, Rich graduated to Glory. He was a wonderful man that had a long and great life. He was always thinking and doing something, I learned a great deal from him. He was easy to talk to, and learn from. It seems like I had such a short time with him, but what I had was great.  I can’t help but to think of James 4:13, 14 “Come now, you who say, ‘Today or tomorrow we will go to such and such a city, spend a year there, buy and sell, and make a profit,’ whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away.”   Life is too short and there is far too much to “do”. It’s easy to get bogged down in the daily routine of life, but we must stay active and “be about the Fathers business.” My uncle Rich always used to say “I’ll see you around campus.” Over the years I grew to love to hear him say that. Looking forward to the next time that I could hang out with him. He’s gone ahead of us to glory to see our Savior Jesus Christ. But his example of staying busy and his wise words live on with me.

I know that I got a bit off in this article, but I would love to see you busy about the business of our Heavenly Father. Don’t get bogged down- life is but a vapor.

“See you around campus”

— by Mike Rich, Sr. VP

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Let It Be YOU!

I have the wonderful opportunity to be a part of this ministry that each and every one of you that are reading this are not only a part of, but involved in. You may be thinking, “Where is Mike going with this?” You may not all be able to physically come out and do the labor, but I can say that we sense your prayers every day. I would like to share part of my devotions from a few days ago, from a book entitled “Prayer Is Invading the Impossible.” The title of this particular day is “Let It Be You.”

The God we worship is the Lord of creation, and His power knows no limits except those He imposes on Himself. Here is one of them: He waits to work His will on earth in answer to humans who ask. His kingdom – His eternal rulership – will only rule on earth where it is invited.

It is not a question of His ability to dominate on the sheer strength of His own intent. But with reference to earth and people, He has chosen to confine Himself to specific channels of operation. He wills to work through people. Rebels may resist, sin may abound, but He will find someone through whom He can work.

Jesus is saying, “Let it be you.”
Luke 11:2  “And He said unto them, When ye pray say, Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, as in heaven, so in earth.”
As I spent the day thinking about this, the Lord brought you to my mind. The reason that I say that, is because I was preparing for our annual board meeting, putting together a list of projects that have been accomplished in 2012. Briefly I would love to share some of them with you as an overview of the year that has past so quickly.
Began Camp Glory Farm Development

  • Barn remodel :

Poured new concrete floor

Built additions tack and feed room, a clean room and milking parlor, equipment storage

Sided entire barn with rough cut lumber

  • Cleared and perimeter fenced ¾ (5 acres) of the farm area both with woven farm fence and electric fence top and bottom and sectioned and fenced 6 pasture areas
  • Installed organic raised bed garden preparing for springtime community garden
  • Wired and plumbed for 2 temporary RV sites (use often)
  • Built a fire pit at the farm
  • Installed water line into barn from existing
  • Cleared and graded property for RV (4) and campsites.
    Completed Second Phase of Recreational Center (The Exercise Room)
  • Designed and outfitted a state of the art exercise room (all equipment donated)

Began remodel and expansion of the Treasure Chest

Replaced vinyl flooring in Kitchen and Dining Room of Unit A
929 house
– a crack in the bathtub caused water damage to floor in master bedroom. Replaced Master bedroom sub floor and installed laminate flooring in master bedroom. Painted and updated interior of  the Isley House (unit E)
Completed The Rice House (unit J) $48.00 per square foot.

Now thinking about these things the only thing that comes to mind is “Praise The Lord!” This place would not exist, and these projects would not have been accomplished were it not for first of all Our Heavenly Father, your prayers, physical help, and monetary support. Proverbs 15:29 “The Lord is far from the wicked: “but He heareth the prayer of the righteous.”
As we enter into 2013 as brothers and sisters in Christ, I invite and encourage you to stay involved. I believe that Larry is sharing a few of the upcoming projects and casting a vision for this year. I am excited because this year is going to be another year of excitement in that “we“ (you and the staff here at SMH) to see the All Mighty God of this Universe work beyond our amazement. Your involvement is eternally vital!

Because of Christ We Stand,
Mike Rich, Senior V.P.

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Being Doers Of The Word

James 1:22 says “But be ye doers of the word and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.” If you are reading this, then certainly you are familiar with Siloam and know that we depend on you guys to accomplish what our Lord and Savior has laid out before us. This past Saturday (Jan.14th 2012) we were blessed to have Pine Ridge Church (Haw River, NC) and Crosslink Church (Mebane, NC) helping us to take down, organize, and put away Christmas decorations, clean out an old barn (future exercise room), remove and stack metal from barn at Camp Glory, hang drywall in the new house (Rice House). When I think of that, I praise the Lord because there is no way that just the staff here could ever get all of this  done alone. Thank you all for being “Doers,” being sensitive to the Holy Spirit and sacrificially giving of your Saturday. For others that are not sure about how, when, or where that you might be able to help, please call, there are ways that you can be involved.

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