Special Thanks to Dan and Jan Thompson!


We would like to thank Dan and Jan Thompson for a couple of reasons.

First, they made a $1,250 contribution to the project! Dan is an extremely gifted architect who created the custom house plan for the new 25th Anniversary home from scratch and gifted all of his professional services at no cost to Siloam.

Dan spent time with Larry and Joyce to ensure the house would be customized to their needs and desires. Dan then took all of this information, and along with ADA compliances, created a customized blueprint from nothing but a collection of ideas and regulations.

We cannot recommend Dan more highly for any and all architectural needs you may have. Not only is he extremely talented, but he loves God and enjoys serving Him supremely.

Second, Dan and Jan have both been instrumental in the planning and fundraising for the home from the very beginning. Jan has utilized her experience in helping Burlington Christian Academy raise a massive amount of money thus far towards their new high school facility.

They both have worked tirelessly for months now, most of the time behind-the-scene, to make sure the 25th Anniversary project is a very successful one.

Without their labor of love in the marketing, promotion, and fundraising aspects of the project, we would not be where we are today.

They both have freely given more hours of their time, the most valuable resource of all, than anyone will ever know.


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Thank You to the Latest Donors!


We would like to thank the most recent financial contributors to the 25th Anniversary project!

They are:

Bill and Carolyn Evans

Faith Fellowship Church

Graham Presbyterian Church

Lighthouse Baptist Church

Low’s Evangelical Lutheran Church

Jason and April Richardson

Louis and Doris Sass


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Special Thanks to Overhead Door of Greensboro!


Overhead Door Company Of Greensboro


We would like to thank John Schaefer and Overhead Door of Greensboro for giving us a phenomenal discount on the two garage doors and garage door openers that will be installed in the new home!

You can visit their website by clicking on their name above.


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Special Thanks to Carolina Supply!




We would like to thank Doug Shoffner, owner of Carolina Supply in Burlington, for donating all of the pipes and fittings that will go into the 25th Anniversary home!

The total cost of all that pipes and fittings that Doug and Carolina Supply are donating is $9,800!

We would like to thank Doug for his generosity. We would also like to recommend Carolina Supply to you for all of your bathroom fixtures and plumbing material needs.

Click on their name above to see their website and all that they have to offer.


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Thank You For Giving!


This is a list of those who have made financial contributions to the 25th Anniversary Project thus far:


  • Willie and Claudia Aaron

  • Elsie Ammons

  • Andrews Trust, Mary

  • Gaynelle Armour

  • James and Betty Barbour

  • Bennett Baptist Church

  • Roy H. Blaylock

  • James and Barbara Bolhouse

  • Jackie and Donna Bowers

  • B.T. and Jacquelyn Briley

  • Dean and Jo Bryant

  • Lena Bryant

  • Ilene Byrd

  • M.L. and Carolyn Childress

  • Marylin C. Christmas

  • Community Baptist Church, Siler City

  • Everett and Marcy Conaway, Jr.

  • Robert and Faye Covert

  • Anna Murray Davis

  • Grover Davis

  • Dallas and Gwen Davis, Jr.

  • Wayne and Laura Decker

  • Harper and Betty Dickens, Jr.

  • Mary Dunn

  • Henry and Ira Edwards

  • James and Donna Fearnside

  • Eddie and Julia Fisher

  • Phil and Betty Fogle

  • Paul and Janet Grandlinard

  • Bettie Greene

  • Pastor Bob and Mrs. Griffith

  • Orlynn and Bethel Halladay

  • James and Ann Hamby

  • Michael and Faye Hammond

  • Delano and Eva Hill

  • Jeff and Kristi Homan

  • Sandy Hopkins

  • Wayne and Dorothy Humble

  • Robert and Linda Ingold

  • Jack Miller

  • Jennie Palmer

  • John and Carol Pierce

  • Elsie Walker Johnson

  • Ruth B. Jones

  • David and Karen Kauffman

  • Lorene Kropf

  • Paul and Nancy Leonesio

  • Allen and Sonaha Lewis

  • Lifenet

  • J. Michea and Emily Lucas

  • Barbara Lynch

  • Stephen and Suzann Lynch

  • Phyllis Mayne

  • Daniel E. McBane

  • Tommy and Mary McGuire

  • Matthew and Simone McKinnon

  • Wanda Mincey

  • Rick and Winifred Miller

  • Zane and Donna Miller

  • John and Anna Millstead

  • Michael Nagy

  • Deborah Nirdlinger

  • Shirley Oakley

  • Pat and Janet Medley

  • V.E. and J.B. Pate

  • Russell Payne

  • Gordon and Cheryl Phillips

  • Shannon and Erica Plummer

  • Bobby Puett

  • John and Linda Russell

  • Audrey L. Savary

  • Jane Shu

  • Jerry and Laura Smith

  • Jesse and Deborah Smith

  • Joey P. Smith

  • Daniel and Sabra Somers

  • Mary Souther

  • Ray and Pam Soyars

  • Ronald and Sheryl Steele

  • Jim and Juanita Stone

  • Nelson Straughn

  • Lorraine Stuart

  • Shirley Stutzman

  • Ronald and Patricia Summers

  • Deborah Sutton

  • Steve and Angie Sykes

  • Jim and Lavana Thomas

  • Michael and Kathy Watson

  • Maurice and Martha Weaver

  • Elaine Welch

  • Dorothy Wells

  • Dean and Wendy White

  • Bonnie Wiggs



To date, these individuals have given a total of $27,178 in financial contributions!



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Special Thanks to Burlington Carpet One!




We would like to extend a special thank you to Burlington Carpet One!

Burlington Carpet One has graciously donated all of the ceramic tile AND labor for the ceramic tile shower, kitchen backsplash, and ceramic tile around the second bathtub in the new home. This is approximately $8,000 worth of labor and materials!


Click on their name above to go to their website to see all they have to offer for your flooring and tile needs!


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Officially On The Way!


We are now officially on the way to seeing this project come to fruition!

Last week, the first two public events were held at Siloam Missionary Homes. The first dinner was Tuesday night and the second event was a Pastors’ Luncheon on Thursday (A HUGE thanks to Ms. Mildred and her helpers who worked diligently to provide an amazing meal twice!).

During each event, the plans for the 25th Year Anniversary project were discussed. The focus was on casting the vision, making it clear and concise, and encouraging all those in attendance to carry it. The vision carriers were exhorted to become vision casters and vision carriers.

By the latest count, $22,000 dollars in financial contributions have already been given to the project AND thousands of dollars worth of resources have been donated that are needed for the home!

In less than a week after the first public event to cast the vision for the home and the great need for it, God has shown this project to be a “good work” (Nehemiah 2:18) by providing these contributions before the fundraising push has really even begun!

The exhortation and charge for every one of us is this: to seek the Lord earnestly about what He would have each one of us to do in the way of making a financial contribution to a project that He is already blessing.

When Nehemiah rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem in 47 days, everyone did something. Nehemiah cast the vision to the men, who in turn, got their wives and children involved. Every individual did something, some more than others.

And this is the case every time that God places a vision on the hearts of people to do a “good work”. There are some individuals God blesses who can give more than others, but everybody can do something.

The desire of all of our hearts should be to seek the Lord about what our “something” is for this project.

God has blessed us with a great start, but we still have a great amount needed in a relatively short period of time. So ask the Lord today with an open mind and ears to listen what He would have you to give to contribute your “something”.

If you would like to make a financial contribution by check or money order, you can mail it to “Siloam Missionary Homes” at:

PO Box 705
1053 Quakenbush Road
Snow Camp, NC 27349

On the Memo line please put “25th Anniversary Project” so that the funds are placed in the appropriate account.

If you would like to give by credit card, you can call the office at 336-376-8200 or toll-free at 1-877-914-3721

Remember, when you give freely to what is important to God, God will freely take care of what is important to you.


In Christ,


Dr. Jason Whitehurst


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25th Anniversary Project!


As many of you know by now, Siloam is working on a project to add a new home for the 25th Anniversary of Siloam Missionary Homes. This will be a home that Siloam Missionary Homes resident missionaries, Larry and Joyce George, will reside in. The new addition to Siloam will be an ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant home to meet Larry’s future physical needs due to his Parkinson’s diagnosis.

Each week we plan to add blog posts to the site to give all of those who love Siloam, and are invested in this project, an update as to where we are in the progress of the project. We plan to add photos and possibly other media so that you can watch this God-pleasing and God-honoring project take shape starting at the end of 2016 and into the early part of 2017.

This is the first post of many. Be sure to check Siloam’s website and Facebook page for weekly, and sometimes bi-weekly, updates. As much as possible, we want to keep all of you informed and up-to-date on the status of the project. We want you to not only be excited to see what God is doing at Siloam in general but to also see what your contributions are helping to accomplish with the 25th Anniversary project.

Be sure to bookmark the site and follow Siloam on Facebook for updates regarding this project and all future Siloam Missionary Homes news. We thank God for those who have supported the ministry at SMH for 25 years and for those who will be added and come alongside for the next 25 years and beyond!

In Christ,

Dr. Jason Whitehurst

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