Fan the Flame

Therefore I remind you to stir up the gift of God which is in you through the laying on of hands. For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.   2 Tim. 1:6

We praise the Lord that we were able to end 2017 in the black. This has been a tremendous blessing and I wanted to thank all of you for your gifts and prayers.

  • This past year we made huge progress in building the new house
  • Paid down the debt
  • Replaced the decks on Units A, B, and C

We have a busy year planned and Lord willing will continue to “Fan the Flames” of encouragement into the lives of our brothers and sisters in the Lord.

In April, Michael Gay will begin as Director of Operations full time at Siloam Missionary Homes. He and his family will need to raise their support and I would like to encourage you and your church to consider having them come share. I am excited for additional help and this will free me up to travel and share the ministry more.

Update on the 25th Anniversary house 

We need laborers!! The weather has been extremely cold, so we have slowed down some. The roof is on, and the windows and doors are almost done. Doug Forbis will be coming soon to shingle the roof. We still have not run out of money so we will keep going.

Some of our Projects for 2018

  • Finish the Anniversary House
  • Divide the existing conference room in the Family Center into two separate offices.
  • Stain the decks on A,B, C,
  • Repair and stain decks on Units F and G
  • Build a 40 x40 pole  barn down at the shop for equipment storage

GAP Year Internships

We are taking applications for interns. This year we are praying for 10 people to participate in our new GAP Year Program (call or e-mail for more information).

We thank the Lord for you, and the wonderful things He continues to do here. God has opened so many doors and brought many new missionary families.

Joyce and I will be traveling in April to Indiana and Michigan and would love to connect with you. We are praying that the Lord will raise up 5 new churches this year and more monthly support. To met this year’s budget, we need approximately $2,200 additional monthly support. God is able and we look to Him.

God bless all of you as we minister together to provide “a place missionaries call home.”

In his service,

Larry & Joyce George

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25th Anniversary Pig Pic’n – Y’all Come!

In his book, The 8 Steps to Success, Andy Albright made a profound statement that really hits home. He said “Great salespeople have a sense of urgency about what they do because they want their customers to enjoy the benefits of their products immediately. They are driven to succeed as soon as possible, because they realize there is no such thing as a “Practice Life.”  The life you are living now is the real thing – not a warm-up.”

I was thinking about this, this morning as I read Psalms 90:12, “So teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”

Each day when we wake up we are given a special gift. It’s called TIME. Use it wisely. The best gift I can give is sharing my gift of time with the people I love. 

Next Saturday we will be celebrating 25 years of providing homes for missionaries here at Siloam Missionary Homes in Snow Camp. Hundreds of missionaries from around the world have called this place their home. 

Please come join us for a fun packed afternoon here on our campus at 1053 Quakenbush Rd., Snow Camp. We would love to see all of you.

We praise the Lord for your prayers and financial support, your time and effort over the years.  I thank the Lord for the wonderful opportunity and the privilege that He has  allowed Joyce and I and our family to help provide a place for missionaries to call home.

Mark you calendars and come spend a little time celebrating with us next Saturday, September 30th from 4-8 p.m. Bring a lawn chair and a dessert and enjoy the music and food. 

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Can I Count On You To Pray?

For if you remain completely silent, who will pray?

In Esther 4:14, Esther had a choice to make. She chose to step outside her comfort zone and fast and pray for 3 days and nights. In fasting, she and her people went without water and food. She didn’t demand anything of God other than to humble herself before Him by saying, “First I will fast and pray and put this in God’s hands. And if I perish, I perish.”

As believers, we live in hostile territory and there are signs all around us today that Christians are under attack. There comes a time when God’s people dare not be silent.  I believe that the return of Christ is at hand – I see it everywhere I look and I am sure you do, too. God gives us strength to endure the battle if we will call upon Him.

For the past couple of years our staff has been bombarded with sickness and spiritual warfare. We need God’s blood covering every day. Our ministry to missionaries is to encourage them, provide a physical covering (a home, food and clothing) and a spiritual covering (praying for them and with them). Siloam is a place of healing, a place to send forth missionaries refreshed and renewed.

I desperately need your prayers today for Siloam Missionary Homes.

Pray for:

Milton Wilder and his wonderful wife, Betty, minister here at Siloam in Missionary Pastoral Care. This couple is in the battle for their lives. Milton health continues to be serious. He is too weak for much needed surgery and is having a feeding tube put in today. I for one am asking God to heal Milton.

Betty is also having extreme pain in her knees

Joyce and I as I battle Parkinson’s

Rachel hurt her shoulder and is having problems sleeping

Ross goes back and forth to Bible College and works for us part time

Henry has a bad back, and his wife, Linda’s, health

Bob is visiting his ailing mother in Costa Rica

Joan for physical rest

Pat and Wayne and their health

Nancy who broke her foot and is now having shoulder problems

Eric and Joe, Ken, Teri and T, April & Sarah, and our many other volunteers…

Remember what Mordecai said to Queen Esther (4:14). I say to everyone who names the name of Jesus, We need your prayers “for such a time as this”! 

Our prayer chapel here on the campus is open 24/7 and at the front we have created a prayer wall. We are asking you to help us pray around the clock for Milton and Betty and our staff. Please respond that you are praying with us and we will put your name and time of day or night that you will pray on our prayer wall. Many of you have already responded and this has been such a huge encouragement to us.  I am praying that together we can fill the chapel walls with people praying. Call your friends and share this message. I’m praying for over 1,000 names, 1,000 prayers. Can I count on you? It only takes a minute to respond and eternity to know what God has done. To God be the Glory

We cannot choose to remain silent.


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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Silver Bells by Bing Crosby

Silver bells, silver bells, It’s Christmas time in the city

Ring-a-ling, (ring-a-ling) hear them ring (ting-a-ling)

Soon it will be Christmas day.


City sidewalks, busy sidewalks dressed in holiday style

In the air there’s a feeling of Christmas

Children laughing, people passing, meeting smile after smile

And on every street corner you hear

Silver bells, (silver bells) silver bells (silver bells), It’s Christmas time in the city

Ring-a-ling, (ring-a-ling) Hear them ring, (hear them ring)

Soon it will be Christmas day.


Strings of street lights, even stoplights blinkin’ bright red and green

As the shoppers rush home with their treasures

Hear the snow crunch, see the kids bunch This is Santa’s big day

And above all this bustle you hear

Silver bells…


I woke up this morning with the song “silver Bells” on my mind. Actually, I’m humming it right now. The song depicts the way we see Christmas – weeks of shopping, spending time with family and celebrating the birth of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. I read the article below on the web from the History Channel and it reminded me once again that each of us needs to make the time and effort to celebrate Christmas. Let’s look back on the past year as a way of growing and spend the rest of this year and 2017 sharing the blessings we have received with those around us.

From our house to yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

May God bless each and everyone,

Larry and Joyce George

According to the History Channel website, during World War I, on and around Christmas Day 1914, the sounds of rifles firing and shells exploding faded in a number of places along the Western Front in favor of holiday celebrations in the trenches and gestures of goodwill between enemies.

Starting on Christmas Eve, many German and British troops sang Christmas carols to each other across the lines, and at certain points the Allied soldiers even heard brass bands joining the Germans in their joyous singing. At the first light of dawn on Christmas Day, some German soldiers emerged from their trenches and approached the Allied lines across no-man’s-land, calling out “Merry Christmas” in their enemies’ native tongues. At first, the Allied soldiers feared it was a trick, but seeing the Germans unarmed they climbed out of their trenches and shook hands with the enemy soldiers. The men exchanged presents of cigarettes and plum puddings and sang carols and songs. There was even a documented case of soldiers from opposing sides playing a good-natured game of soccer. Some soldiers used this short-lived ceasefire for a more somber task: the retrieval of the bodies of fellow combatants who had fallen within the no-man’s land between the lines. The so-called Christmas Truce of 1914 came only five months after the outbreak of war in Europe and was one of the last examples of the outdated notion of chivalry between enemies in warfare.

It was never repeated—future attempts at holiday ceasefires were quashed by officers’ threats of disciplinary action—but it served as heartening proof, however brief, that beneath the brutal clash of weapons, the soldiers’ essential humanity endured.

During World War I, the soldiers on the Western Front did not expect to celebrate on the battlefield, but even a world war could not destroy the Christmas spirit.



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Merry Christmoose! Don’t you mean Merry Christmas?

Merry Christmoose! Don’t you mean Merry Christmas? Well, yes and no.

The first weekend of December we open the Siloam Missionary Homes Campus, which is a ministry of providing homes for missionaries, up to the general public and call this event “Catch the Spirit of Christmas,” with thousands of lights that makes our 33 acre village come alive with the dazzle and twinkle of Christmas lights, complete with hayrides and trolley rides and much more. A couple of years ago, my son in law was making a Christmas sign out of a red rope light and spelled out the words “Merry Christmas.” The problem was he had more letters than rope, so when he got to the end of “Christmas,” it looked like “Christmos.” So my friend Robby Dilmore, our radio producer with WTRU Radio, was helping me on the trolley, singing and talking to the passengers. As we rounded the corner with microphone is hand he looked up at the sign and said “Merry Christmoose?” Kind of like oops, sorry, but it’s already been said. I quickly replied, “I think that’s Merry Christmas in Vietnamese.” Lol! Every one laughed and it made the night.

So this year I’d like to invite you to come to “Catch the Spirit of Christmas” Friday, December 2 and 3, from 5:30 – 8:00 pm. You can come see Mike’s famous sign and have a Merry Christmoose with us and Robby Dilmore.

For more information call 336-376-8200

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It’s Fall! Take time to stop and pray for Siloam Missionary Homes

I believe that Fall is in the air. While Joyce and I were out walking this morning, I noticed that the trees are changing from summer into fall. The air is lighter and cooler. The early leaves are beginning to tumble to the ground, and we are beginning to wear sweatshirts. With Labor Day behind us, we will blink and Thanksgiving will be here. I am constantly reminded of Ecclesiastes 3:1 “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.”

To me the season marker for fall is Labor Day and the county fair. When I was a kid, school would also start the day after Labor Day. I can hear the school bus as it stops out here to pick up the children, the squeaking brakes and shifting of gears as the old bus moans to the next stop. As a boy, the county fair was a huge event as we toured the livestock and looked at the samples of harvest. I usually had $5.00 to spend and that had to include everything. One year, as Joyce and I were walking through the fairgrounds, I looked down and among the litter I found a $10 bill. We thought we were rich, having additional spending money and had a great time. I must be getting old because $5.00 doesn’t buy what it used to.

I love the change of seasons and the changes to our campus. We start thinking about campfires and marshmallows. It’s also a time for mission conferences in churches where we have the wonderful opportunity to share what God is doing in and around the world.

The end of this month we are going to Michigan and Indiana to visit some churches. We will be gone September 23 – October 3rd. Right now I still have days during the week open if you would like to have Joyce and I share with you, your missions committee or the church. We will be at Wakeshma Community Church in Fulton all day Sunday September 25th.

I want to thank you for your prayers for me. Last week my Neurologist was amazed at my progress and how much I have improved. I know it’s only because of Jesus and the prayers on my behalf. Once again I want to thank you for your prayers and financial support for Siloam Missionary Homes and its families. I am reminded of God’s faithfulness, which is new every morning. May the Lord continue to bless each of you as we work together in providing a place missionaries call home.


25th Anniversary House Update

We are excited once again to see the preparation into adding a new missionary home on our campus. The funds have begun to come in and with this plans are being made. Please continue to pray for Siloam and our Board as we seek the Lord to provide for this. We have decided to build as funds become available. In Proverbs 24:27 Prepare thy work without and make it fit for thee in the field and afterwards build thy house. God ask us to prepare and He will provide.

Lunch & A Tour

Once again now that the weather is cooling off we are offering lunch and a tour for churches on Thursdays. If you would like to plan a trolley tour on our campus and a nice lunch, call the office for details.

Youth, Men and Ladies Retreats

Come spend a Friday night in our yurts and enjoy our new farmhouse activity building, campfire and fellowship. if you would like to have a guest speaker around the campfire let us know. Give Rachel a call and let her help you plan your retreat.

Harvest Time

Because of you, this year “Dads Country Store” our food pantry, has given away thousands of dollars in food to our missionaries. With 14 families we go through a lot of food. If you would like to help fill the pantry, go to our website and get a food list. Any and all food is appreciated.

Fall Clothing

With winter just around the corner we are looking for winter clothing for our missionary families and also need help changing over the summer clothes to winter clothes. We need adult and children sweatshirts, jackets, coats, mittens, hats, boots, etc. We have several families that are here from tropical countries and will need warm clothing for the winter. We also are looking for volunteers to help. Please call the office or email April Richardson as she is our clothing store coordinator.

“Catch The Spirit Of Christmas” 

Come see the lights, sounds and tastes of Christmas December 2 -3, 2016. We need you to help make this happen. Call Joyce today to see how you can be involved. Decorating the campus will begin Friday and Saturday November 4th and 5th. Lunch will be provided.

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In the Comfort of Dad’s Chair

I came into my study this morning with the thought of Father’s Day being just around the corner. My dad passed away 13 years ago and even though I am a father and a grandfather, Father’s Day has
never been the same.

Looking over to the other side of the room, I see my late father’s worn green leather recliner. The sun is creeping through the bay window today and seems to spotlight the chair and radiate the room.  Years ago, this chair was a Christmas gift to dad from my mom, my sister and me. When Mom moved away, she gave me the chair and it has become a treasure in my life. Dad, who had Parkinson’s Disease, was limited on walking and would at times fall into a chair instead of being able to just sit down, and it seemed as thought the chair would reach out and catch him.  The chair always seemed so big and comforting. It was not just a chair – it was my dad’s chair.  The footstool had a built-in tray and when mom would open it up, it became his working area, where he would eat his meals and read his mail. It became his oasis. He loved to watch the news and enjoyed working on his stock portfolio. He never used a computer but followed the Wall Street Journal and the market trends.

Today it looked empty, lonely and in need of a friend. So, I went over and sat in dad’s chair and rubbed my hands along the soft leather arms of the chair in a way of comforting myself. Oh, the years have flown by and life is so busy. It seems we never have time to just visit. “Dad, your chair doesn’t seem to get the attention it used to get when it sat in the middle of your living room. But the stories this chair could share!” It’s funny, but being 60 years old myself and sitting here, I feel for a few minutes like the little boy again, just yearning for a dad and son conversation where for a few minutes the world slows down and we talk about the summer garden and fruit trees, the fireflies, how beautiful the weather is, how nice his roses look and all the wonderful things God created.  Like me, my dad was a dreamer and would encourage me to dream and to dream big. Even though I had learning disabilities he would say, “Larry you can do anything you set your mind to with God’s help.” Dad always wanted to know how I was doing and what my kids were up to.

Proverbs 17:6 “Children’s children are the crown of old men. And the glory of children are their father.” I am so blessed to have had a godly dad who in spite of his busyness to provide a living for my 4 brothers, 4 sisters and me, he had time to listen.

“Happy Father’s Day, dad,” I said as I patted the arm of the chair and got up to get ready for work. “Thank you for the talk and the hug. I feel so much better.”

This weekend my kids and my grandchildren are coming home for Father’s Day. Maybe I will take them up to my study and we can all sit in dad’s old chair and talk and create more memories together.

“Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, The fruit of the womb is a reward.” Psalms 127:3



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Food and Paper Products Delivered

Jimmy and LInda Russell from Bennett Baptist Church, Bennett, NC delivered a pickup truck load of food and paper products for Dad’s Country Store. These items were collected at their Ladies’ Luncheon last weekend. All of these items are free to the missionary families living here at Siloam. What a wonderful blessing!Jimmy and Linda Russell

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Become Volunteer Staff at Siloam Missionary Homes

Come Join Our Siloam Family – Tuesdays and Thursdays

“Making time to volunteer, there is nothing that harvests more of a feeling of empowerment than being of service to someone in need.”     Gillian Anderson

There is a common thread that Joyce and I see as we travel around the country and talk with people that have retired. “What do I do with my life now?” For some people the answer is easy. They have things that they want to do around the house, work part time or try and find a place to volunteer.

One of the ways to stay mentally and physically healthy and keep a sweet spirit is to be involved as a volunteer. Last year, we decided that volunteering needed to be fun. So Siloam Missionary Homes has set aside Tuesdays and Thursdays as volunteer staff  days.

Most folks come in about 9 am and are involved in some project. At noon we all sit down to a family style meal that is free of charge and enjoy the fellowship, laugh and talk about current events and catch up on what is going on.
I have come to enjoy volunteer days and would like to invite you to use your gifts and talents for the Lord. We need yard workers, gardeners, farmers, woodworkers, mechanics – whatever gifts you have, we can use you.
I would like to invite you to come one day and check us out. One day of fellowship and you will be hooked. It doesn’t matter how long you can stay. Some people come for a couple of hours and some come and stay until 3. We always have a job for you.  I look forward to seeing you for lunch.
If you would like to come volunteer, please call Joyce at (336-376-8200) the day before so we can set a plate for you.

May the Lord encourage you today to be a part of Our Siloam Family.

Your brother and sister in Christ,

Larry & Joyce George
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vol·un·teer @

välənˈtir/ noun
noun: volunteer; plural noun: volunteers

1. a person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task

synonyms: subject, participant, case, patient

“Making time to volunteer, there is nothing that harvests more of a feeling of empowerment than being of service to someone in need.” Gillian Anderson

“Love is a family of volunteers”

Come enjoy the fellowship of our Siloam Family – join us on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

There is a common thread that Joyce and I see as we travel around the country and talk with people that have retired. “What do I do with my life now?” For some people the answer is easy. They have things that they want to do around the house, work part time or try to find a place to volunteer.  One of the ways to stay mentally and physically healthy and keep a sweet spirit is to be involved as a volunteer.

Last year we decided that volunteering should be fun. So with some planning, Siloam Missionary Homes has set aside Tuesdays and Thursdays as volunteer days. Most folks come in about 9 am and are involved in some project. At noon we all sit down to a family style meal that is free of charge and enjoy each other’s the fellowship, laugh and talk about current events and catch up on what is going on. I have come to enjoy volunteer days and would like to invite you to use your gifts and talents for the Lord.

We need yard workers, gardeners, farmers, woodworkers, mechanics – whatever gifts you have, we can use you. I would like to invite you to come one day and check us out. One day of
fellowship and you will be hooked! It doesn’t matter how long you can stay. Some people come for a couple of hours and some come and stay until 3. With Spring just around the corner, we have lots to do. I look forward to seeing you for lunch.

If you would like to come one day for volunteering please call the office the day before so we can set a plate for you.

May the Lord encourage you today to be a part of Our Siloam Family.

It’s because of Jesus we serve,
Larry and Joyce


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