Can I Count On You To Pray?

For if you remain completely silent, who will pray?

In Esther 4:14, Esther had a choice to make. She chose to step outside her comfort zone and fast and pray for 3 days and nights. In fasting, she and her people went without water and food. She didn’t demand anything of God other than to humble herself before Him by saying, “First I will fast and pray and put this in God’s hands. And if I perish, I perish.”

As believers, we live in hostile territory and there are signs all around us today that Christians are under attack. There comes a time when God’s people dare not be silent.  I believe that the return of Christ is at hand – I see it everywhere I look and I am sure you do, too. God gives us strength to endure the battle if we will call upon Him.

For the past couple of years our staff has been bombarded with sickness and spiritual warfare. We need God’s blood covering every day. Our ministry to missionaries is to encourage them, provide a physical covering (a home, food and clothing) and a spiritual covering (praying for them and with them). Siloam is a place of healing, a place to send forth missionaries refreshed and renewed.

I desperately need your prayers today for Siloam Missionary Homes.

Pray for:

Milton Wilder and his wonderful wife, Betty, minister here at Siloam in Missionary Pastoral Care. This couple is in the battle for their lives. Milton health continues to be serious. He is too weak for much needed surgery and is having a feeding tube put in today. I for one am asking God to heal Milton.

Betty is also having extreme pain in her knees

Joyce and I as I battle Parkinson’s

Rachel hurt her shoulder and is having problems sleeping

Ross goes back and forth to Bible College and works for us part time

Henry has a bad back, and his wife, Linda’s, health

Bob is visiting his ailing mother in Costa Rica

Joan for physical rest

Pat and Wayne and their health

Nancy who broke her foot and is now having shoulder problems

Eric and Joe, Ken, Teri and T, April & Sarah, and our many other volunteers…

Remember what Mordecai said to Queen Esther (4:14). I say to everyone who names the name of Jesus, We need your prayers “for such a time as this”! 

Our prayer chapel here on the campus is open 24/7 and at the front we have created a prayer wall. We are asking you to help us pray around the clock for Milton and Betty and our staff. Please respond that you are praying with us and we will put your name and time of day or night that you will pray on our prayer wall. Many of you have already responded and this has been such a huge encouragement to us.  I am praying that together we can fill the chapel walls with people praying. Call your friends and share this message. I’m praying for over 1,000 names, 1,000 prayers. Can I count on you? It only takes a minute to respond and eternity to know what God has done. To God be the Glory

We cannot choose to remain silent.


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