Camp Glory Farm

Camp Glory Farm was started as an extension of and complement to the ministry of Siloam Missionary Homes. For several years we have used the seven acre farm adjacent to the main campus to provide additional healing to the missionary families, both children and parents, through interaction with the farm animals and other activities offered at the farm. In addition, Camp Glory Farm has housed several work teams ranging from teen to adults providing an opportunity for them to serve the missionaries at Siloam Missionary Homes and to gain a greater understanding of local and global missions through their interaction with the missionaries.

Camp Glory Farm has also afforded several young men and women the opportunity to serve as interns, learning about the inner workings of ministry, understanding the importance of using God-given talents in His service, and growing in the knowledge of God and His Word through training from the director of Camp Glory Farm. 

While Camp Glory Farm does not provide a significant revenue stream for Siloam Missionary Homes, it has never been about the money. We have been wise stewards of the investments made in the farm and have in turn invested in the lives of countless missionaries, volunteers, and young men and women. We have in short, used Camp Glory Farm to make an eternal impact on many people since its inception.

Camp Glory Farm at Siloam provides:

  • On-site learning for families currently living at Siloam
  • RV sites for missionaries
  • Summer camp opportunities
  • Internship Programs
  • Community service projects

How YOU can help:

Adopt an animal

Would you be willing to help us with the costs associated with raising our animals? We have goats, sheep, alpacas, ducks, guineas, and chickens.  We raise our animals primarily on pasture; however, we supplement their feed during the last couple weeks of pregnancy and while nursing their young.  By adopting an animal, you would be helping us with the costs necessary to care for them.

Help financially

By giving financially, you can help us purchase farm supplies, animals, help with upkeep, equipment, electricity, etc.

Come volunteer

Come individually, as a couple or bring a group to come do a work project. This could include gardening, building, planting, raking, painting, etc.

Let us Share

We would love to come and share Camp Glory Farm and Siloam Missionary Homes.   Please give us a call to set up a meeting.

Internship Program

Siloam’s Internship Program exists to assist high school graduates and older to prepare for serving not only locally, but also all over the world. This program is not only for personal and professional development, but also a chance to search out other opportunities to go into a similar field of ministry; whether it is missions or other ministry.

Interns are involved in an intense learning experience through active work assignments in small-scale farming and agriculture. Learning may occur through hands-on activities as well as personal research, seminars, and other field events. Interns will be responsible for farm demonstrations and learn basic skills in various areas such as animal husbandry, involvement with volunteers and work teams, tours and lunches, ground maintenance and office work.  By serving in day-to-day operations, support is provided to Siloam and this in turn allows for exposure of several different sides of ministry.

Interns have the availability to take advantage of all of the resources available on Siloam’s campus. Resources include the Library, Family Center, Recreation and Exercise Rooms, Missionaries, Dad’s Country Store and the Treasure Chest.

Finally, our internship program is an opportunity to give in service. This might be a variety of fulfilling tasks that range from easy to hard. These tasks could include pulling weeds, taking out the garbage and multiple other jobs. Therefore, this amazing opportunity will teach the intern life skills that can help them regardless of where they serve.  More information can be found at the website: