Camp Glory Farm

Camp Glory Farm. Serve Local. Reach Global.

The primary purpose of Camp Glory Farm is to provide a place for volunteers to come and stay in RV’s, tents, and cabins. This will free up the Family Life Center so that the missionary families can continue to use it without the volunteer teams being in there.

The volunteers will give time to help with ongoing construction, upkeep and maintenance of Siloam Missionary Homes’ campus, as well as working in the gardens and with the farm animals.

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Camp Glory Farm will also provide:

  • Public school children tours to see farm animals and find out about gardening on other countries. This will provide an evangelistic outreach for SMH.
  • 4H Club to provide a place for local children to raise farm animals – as an evangelistic outreach
  • The greenhouse and garden will provide food for the missionaries living at Siloam.


How YOU can help:

Adopt an animal

  • A Female Nigerian Dwarf Goat is $250.
  • A Female Dorper/Dorset Sheep is $150-$200.
  • Alpaca $250.
  • Guineas, ducks, and laying hens run between $6-$10 each.

Help financially

By giving financially, you can help us purchase Farm Supplies, help with upkeep, equipment, electricity, etc.

Come volunteer

Come individually, as a couple or bring a group to come do a work project. This could include gardening, building, planting, raking, painting, etc. There is always something to be done.

Let us Share

We would love to come and share Camp Glory Farm and Siloam Missionary Homes with your church, youth group, and school. Please give us a call to set up a meeting.


Lasagna Gardening

“Mmmm… I sure do love Lasagna!”

What does this mean?

A Lasagna Garden uses organic composting layering techniques for a healthier garden.

How Does It Work?

Learn how to grow a garden in difficult circumstances by using a gravity-powered ram pump, drip irrigation, spring fed resources and animals to help water and feed the soil for great plant growth. This will enable you to use this skill at home, locally, or even globally.

What Is The Purpose?

  • To teach students, volunteers, and families how to use these skills regardless of where they live.
  • To apply the skills local and global to help further the Great Commission.
  • To link with other ministries globally.
  • To help provide food for the families staying at Siloam Missionary Homes.