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Judging Others
I used to have a tension inside of me about judging other people: Should I judge them or their performance for the good of the organization, or should I heed the Bible when it says “judge not, lest ye be judged”? I was taught as a business leader that I need to be a good judge of people. Leadership is about vision and team building. And to build a good team, leaders need to be able to judge others accurately.

God Had Other Plans
After spending months and months raising support, they were finally at 100% and were ready to go to Central Africa Republic. But, they did not know that God had other plans for them.

Why I Love Mom
Wonder why women live longer? Cause we are made for the long haul… (We can’t die sooner; we still have things to do!!!)

God’s Providence
Sometime back, I was asked to come in and do an interview on the radio program entitled Robbie’s Hobbies. I arrived early in order to get set up and caught the tail end of a young man telling his recovery story from drugs.

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