Ministering to Those Who Share the “Final Answer” to Terrorism

As the nation watched, officers captured the second of two young men responsible for another terrorist attack on our country. TV networks repeatedly showed (and continue to show) the horrific and senseless bombings of people at the Boston Marathon. As the investigation has continued, it appears that others are implicated in this inhuman act. What does such a heartless action have to do with Siloam Missionary Homes?

In examining the evidence, it took only a relatively short while for law officers to conclude that the attackers “came here to kill people.” By contrast, our Savior Jesus Christ “has come to seek and to save that which was lost” (Luke 19:10), namely, those separated from God because of sin in all its forms. The ministry in which we are involved at Siloam is to provide a temporary home as well as pastoral care for those who are taking the truth of Jesus Christ around the world. Jesus Christ — the Way, the Truth and the Life — is the final answer to sin, including terrorism and all other manifestations of humanity’s separation from the only true God. The message of salvation in God the Son that the missionaries are taking to the world is more powerful than any force that governments, terrorists or even humanitarians can utilize. Only the power of God can change the hearts of people, turn them away from false gods that promise rewards for merciless deeds and grant them forgiveness through faith that Jesus Christ has paid the death penalty for their sins.

We are privileged to have a part in a ministry to those who are declaring around the world the truth of Christ who can bring even a terrorist to salvation.

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